Friday, February 25, 2011

It must bow down!

Sometimes it's hard to stand,

But I know You always have my hand.

I cry out to You please help me tame this beast,

You already have and you give me peace to say the least.

My tongue is a sharpened dagger to be used for good,

Help me to say only the words you would.

My heart cries out for relief,

Drawing nearer to you will stop it's grief.

At times it doesn't seem fair and I don't understand why,

But I know I am blessed and that You hear every cry.

When my hands are weak and my mind is still,

Please help me move them and fill it to do Your will.

When my back is sore and my legs give out,

Help my mouth to praise and shout.

I won't let it keep me down,

I won't let it make me frown.

You brought joy to my life and I won't let it steal,

this pain comes from the enemy and it isn't real.

It is lies and it is deceit,

It is satan and beneath my feet!

So let my feet tread,

On top of all that is dead.

Open my eyes daily to see,

Everything I need has been done for me.

I receive Your work on calvary,

I receive Your work that set me free.

So when my heart cries and I start to moan,

I will see Your face and know I am not alone.

I will seek your will,

and my tongue will still.

I will be a light,

I will not lose sight.

I will not allow anyone to cause me pain,

I have the power You gave me to stop the rain.

Every situation must bow now,

I speak to my mountain , You taught me how.

My problems are no longer mine they are Yours,

I thank You Jesus for opening the doors.

I lay my life at your feet,

Satan feel the heat.

I'm on fire for God and I can't be stopped,

The burdens on my back are long ago dropped.

So to lies and deceit I have nothing to say,

I will always keep my peace, there's no other way.

So let it use my back as a field and let it be plowed and let it show,

A beautiful garden for all I have and will sow.

Let the harvest be plenty and fruit of good taste,

Let me share of my harvest and never waste.

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