Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who's your boss little man???

I call myself  " 5'7" and devil proof",  I explain that doesn't mean that attacks won't come, but that I will stand my ground....I will gain ground and not lose ground.  I am participating in two Bible studies, Beth Moore's The book of James and Andy Stanley's Your Move.  I must say...I greatly enjoy both of them.

I have learned so much in this past month and I feel so much stronger in was almost like I was hanging on to a part of my life by just a thread and then all at once that thread became a strong bungee cord and it was at its tightest so it shot be back up...but once I was up I landed on a mountain and began to climb again.  Something I surely never want to go through again...but at the same time I am most thankful for the battle which waged because victory is sweet, and the lessons learned and the changes happening are well worth the fight that took place.

Praise be to God, His mercy endures forever... His grace IS sufficient for me!

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