Monday, August 1, 2011

7/29 entering Doug's weekend to work

The start of the day was much better. I was awake already and at the door on the first knock.  It is so much easier to stay on task when you are not a person who lies and you are keeping public record of your days.   I did face a me challenge last night... we have a comforter for a bed Doug sleeps in when he works the weekend and must be gone.  Said comforter sat at our front door for days and days. I asked when it was leaving and was assured it would be soon...I waited then I loaded it up myself, last night I went to put the diaper bag in the trunk and hmmm the comforter was there.  A foolish wife brings tears down her house with her own hands...when I heard him say why it was left in the trunk I did not argue I just shut my mouth and sat down. I may have to do more things to get what I need done, done but I will not fuss over this tiny issue.  Disharmony between Doug and I upsets our family unity.  I am a happy wife and mother!

Doug and I had a talk the other day about how he is happy to be him and I am happy to be me.  God created us just the way we needed to be.  Each of us could learn the other's job but there is no way we would do as good of a job at each other's jobs.  I don't want to face big men in my face telling me to give their cars back and at this time I could not handle the weight of all the equipment he has to haul on and off of his truck, and Doug would be crying in a corner if he was left alone with two babies the boys and the house work...we will keep our own jobs and rejoice in all of our blessings.

 So... I got the boys breakfast toast and eggs today, Madalyn fed, my son's sister fed, Dylan kicking and firmly saying no all the way into the tub...where he stayed for a while...he hates baths you know? I ironed Dylan's VBS shirt and started laundry, started dishes and we were off to VBS, got back did Bible Study with Doug and then off to groceries. As in the past today was no different, WalMart did not have many of the items we needed on our shopping list.  I really do not like going to several stores because one will not keep things in stock.  Got the groceries, got back....Doug's gotta eat hot dogs no time to cook we only have 30min before he has to be on the road to work and he has to drop us off pack a weekend lunch and I have to feed Madalyn and my son's sister which was quite the trick since Madalyn is breast fed.  I imagine I will be the best left handed baby feeder ever!  We are off to for me to watch the boys at the last day of VBS and Doug is off to work.

Get back and we are now eating, doing dishes, getting Madalyn who is over tired from the days events, rocked to sleep. And my son's sister is playing with toys.  My ex shows up to pick up my oldest and his sister, I then finished up some chores and it was off to mom's for this weekend's fresh air.

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