Thursday, August 4, 2011


Ups and downs...Dylan took three Science quizzes and did great.  He read a lot of the questions himself.  It went pretty well.  He had some focusing problems and recently he had been saying everyone hates him and he hates himself , he has called himself stupid and he has even had a meltdown around his favorite church member.  I was praying that we would stop inviting people into this "Aspergers" world and we would be greeting people in the "NT" world.  I know we will be and I am not letting the symptoms I see get to me. 

The meltdown at the church lasted for a while in the car.  He claimed he was stupid, I could not convince him otherwise...BUT I got his mind directed off of what bothered him and being "stupid".

Today with his brother here there has been the usual arguments, Bible study went well even when he answered wrong and his brother answered right he was okay....then...he threw a toy at his brother during clean up and I punished him by making him clean his room on his own.  The meltdown began and lasted about 20min. He got quiet and got to work.  He heard his brother and I talking and asked us what we were talking about, I told him God and he screamed OH...and used the same tone he normally does when he adds on " I guess you hate me then"  but this time OH is all I got.  I praise God for all the little things and do my best to keep the faith when symptoms hit hard. 
Creflo had a good word tonight, it was for finances but applies here as well.  I knew this already...but it's great to hear it again...If I am not seeing things manifest...then it's me!
Tomorrow is another day...a better Day!...a Great day!

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